Polyurethane resin, type RPU

Polyurethane resin, type RPU

Application: It is used for the reconstruction of the insulation of polymer, paper or rubber insulated power, signal and telecommunication cables for the rated voltage of 0,6/1 (1,2) kV.


The package with resin has been designed and made in such way that it could be quickly, easy and effectively used by the installer. Properly matched proportions of two-component polyurethane resin are separated by the special plastic separator which when removed, enables mixing of the resin with the hardener.
Mixture created in such way is characterized by perfect adhesion, resistance to hydrolysis and is ready to be used for the cables as the insulation and mechanical covering.

Max. storage time in temperature from 15°C to 35°C – 48 months..

Type of resin

Volume [ml]


RPU 464



RPU 730



RPU 1000