New generation of antidiffusion system for district heating and industry

New generation of antidiffusion system for district heating and industry

Antidiffussion technology developed by RADPOL is a guarantee for high level of technical parameters for products in the full range of diameters.

RADPOL manufactures the full antidiffusion system, which consists of the following:

• Pre-insulated pipes with up to 16 m length and with the jacket diameter up to DN 1000 mm
• Radially cross-linked heat- shrinking couplers with diameter up to DN 630 mm
• Pre-insulated fittings (bends, tees, valves and others) with diameters up to DN 400 mm

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New generation of antidiffusion system for district heating and industry

RADPOL offers an unique solution: full antidiffussion system. Thanks to this solution the reduction of heat transfer loss equals even 15% within the period of the first 10 years of pipeline working. The application of RADPOL technology influences significantly the diminishing of heating pipe actual exploitation costs within the long term of is working.


RADPOL innovative technology is based on anti-diffussion barier manufacturing with the use of the material based on EVOH, which is placed inside the casing pipe jacket (between two layers of modified HDPE) this solution made possible to create a new generation of anti-diffussion systems for district heating.

RADPOL diffussion barrier keeps isolation thermal conductivity indicator at almost unchanged level during heating pipe exploitation. Due to this solution the heating pipe lifespan is prolonged and exceeds minimal exploitation period which is set in the PN-EN 253 for 30 years.

How is it possible?

The solution in which diffussion barrier is closed with EVOH between two layers of modified HDPE eliminates the barrier contact with humidity as well as protects the barrier from any mechanical damage which may happen during production and installation processes. The pre-insulated pipeline mechanical properties canting (in both axial and tangential directions) remains also unchanged

The wall of the RADPOL pre-insulated pipe protective jacket equipped in antdiffussion barrier is constructed of three layers.

Advantages of RADPOL’s technology with diffusion barrier

  • Longer exploitation period of a district heating networks thanks to the stoppage of isolating layer degradation phenomenon
  • Practically constant level of insulating properties within the whole district heating system exploitation period
  • Significant diminishing of heat transfer losses, which in turn diminishes the amount of Energy needed for heat production as well as diminishing of the CO2 emission level to the atmosphere (diminishing of greenhouse effect)
  • Possibility to deliver heat with good parameters at the longer distances
  • Homogeneous technology standard for all heating network elements (pipes, fittings and couplers)
  • Keeping high level of endurance parameters for pipe systems in case of canting (in axial as well as tangential direction)


Oxygen as an aggressive gas infiltrates the pre-insulated pipe structure from outside (diffusion phenomenon) and causes corrosion effects and erodes polyurethane. This in turn makes the polyurethane isolating proper-ties deterioration. The cyclopenthane contained in the polyurethane pores diffuses from the pre-insulated pipe inside causing at the same time its in-sulation parameters deterioration. RADPOL’s diffusion barrier application significantly increases the system cohesion as well as protects the isolation long-term stability from deterioration. Such solution provides to the heating system much more efficient in terms of energy use.*

* sustaining the thermal conductivity factor at the same, stable level.

Yearly advantages accumulation

Heating pipe construction is a project in which the financial and environmental issues are crucial to the investor. Usually the direct costs come into fore-ground (heating pipe purchase as well as its implementation). It should be marked however, that the future costs connected with the network exploitation (its maintenance as well as repairs), together with the working pipeline heat loss costs coverage, are equally significant. Thanks to the RADPOL’s diffusion barrier application, the heating pipe exploitation costs are diminished significantly. The construction of district heating networks in the RADPOL’s antidiffusion technology causes the maximum reduction of heat flow loss within the whole period of its exploitation. RADPOL’s system, when comparing it to the other ones, causes that the above mentioned advantages and savings are increasing from one year to another. Lower heat losses equal to less usage of primary fuel = less CO2 emission, what in turn practically diminishes the district heating influence on the greenhouse effect making this solution more environmentally friendly.*

Innovative materials applied for the production

RADPOL has developed its own polymer blend which is applied to the production of casing pipes. The solution is in turn used to the production of bar pipes, fittings as well as to antidiffusion couplers which are additionally radially cross-linked. RADPOL material after being cross-linked gets adequate mechanical properties: so called ‘shape memory’ as well as the homogenous, durable connection with the antidiffusion layer made on the base of EVOH. Only RADPOL’s technology eliminates heat losses also at the pipes conjunctions areas


* heat production in the most effective way shall not provide any advantages without heat loss diminishing in the process of its transmission.



Barrier caused by 1mm of EVOH layer for O2, N2, CO2 equals to the 9 m of HDPE layer!!!