Hermetic cable gland M685-Y with IP68 protection class

Hermetic cable gland M685-Y with IP68 protection class

Glanded joints are waterproof cable glanded joints, T-piercing, equipped with 3, 4, 5-tracks eardrums with stainless steel tin-plated screw clamps. They are used, among others, in lighting and garden electric installations. 

Hermetic connection ensures tightness of the cable joint in the ground and underwater.

Recommended areas of application:

  • For outdoor lighting and garden installations
  • For hermetically sealed electrical connections
  • For the insulation and protection of industrial, infrastructural and transport connections in the ground and underwater

Thanks to their small dimensions, they can be used in tight spaces, and their assembly does not require any special tools.

Advantages of RADPOL’s hermetic cable gland with IP68 protection class:

  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Reusable
  • Full watertightness to 4 m depth
  • Wide range of application
  • Complete cable gland with clamps

Hermetic cable gland M685-Y with IP68 protection class

Indeks TME00M685YIP68

Number of pins 5
Conductor cross-section 0,5-4mm2
Connection typ screw clamps
Max. napięcie 450V AC
Max. voltage 24A
Operating temperature T100
Flammability class V2
Material PC+PA66 Nylon
Cable diameter 3xM25 (4-14 mm)
Degree of protection IP IP 68
Max. draught, time 4m/72h
Certificate TUV CE RoHS