NEW!!! Bactericidal heat shrinkable covers with added nano zinc

NEW!!! Bactericidal heat shrinkable covers with added nano zinc

NEW!!! Radpol S.A. introduces to the market innovative germicidal heat-shrinkable covers designed for biological protection of surfaces of elements. They provide durable and long-lasting protection against the growth of bacteria, microbes and fungi. They have a high 99.90 percent microbiological efficiency.

In a clean environment, where disinfection is carried out regularly, the risk of pathogen transmission is significantly reduced. However, there are many public places where it is not possible to maintain adequate hygiene at all times due to the large flow of people. In such places, so-called indirect person-to-person transmission of pathogens can occur. People who have previously sneezed or coughed while covering their mouths with their hands then touch various surfaces, for example doorknobs, handrails, backrests or handles. Dangerous pathogens remain on these surfaces and spread to the hands of healthy people who have also touched them. Which can lead to the transmission of various diseases. The answer to the problem of indirect transmission of pathogens is an innovative heat-shrinkable germicide shield from Radpol.

When heated, the tubes takes the shape of the item on which it has been shrunk, forming a tightly adherent layer of antimicrobial character.

The covers are intended for use in all public places where there is a risk of microbe transmission, e.g.: hospitals, health centres, pharmacies, waiting rooms, offices, banks, self-service shops, shopping centres, public transport, gyms, playgrounds, offices, clubs and restaurants, universities and schools.

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Bactericidal heat-shrinkable covers from RADPOL are produced on the basis of a special polymeric material with an addition of nano zinc, which reliably inactivates bacteria and other microorganisms in a very short time.

The effectiveness of RADPOL heat shrinkable germicidal covers has been laboratory confirmed by the Institute of Polymer Materials and Dyes Engineering in Toruń.

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