Construction of the gas pipeline in Szczecin with Radpol’s pipes

Construction of the gas pipeline in Szczecin with Radpol’s pipes



Completion of the project:


Place of application:

Gas pipes – communication node within Granitowa Street and Krygiera Street in Szczecin Podjuchy


Gas pipes PE100 Smart 2L®, SDR17

Description of the Investment:

The main objective of the investment was to adapt the road system of Florian Krygier – Granitowa – Marmurowa – Radosna – Morwowa Streets to the increased vehicle traffic, which was directed to this route after the completion of the S3 expressway.

One of the important elements of the reconstruction of the intersection in Podjuchy was also the construction of a new gas and water and sewage network.

As part of the reconstruction of the intersection in Granitowa and Krygiera Streets in Szczecin, the contractor constructed a medium-pressure gas pipeline using Radpol PE100 Smart 2L® gas pipes, which has a special detection layer indicating damage and scratches. This solution is not available for standard “orange gas pipes” in which it is not possible to determine the degree of damage to the pipe before and after installation.

PE100 Smart 2L® pipes gives investors, contractors and inspectors full control over the pipeline under construction. The ability to detect pipe damage, which is important in the gas industry, is a desirable and appreciated feature of our product.

Rebuilding of the communication node was one of the largest investments of this type in the Szczecin District recently. Its scope included: construction works including reconstruction of pavements and roadways, construction of gas, water and sewage, power and telecommunications networks.