ELFAC 2023

ELFAC 2023

Sweden, Göteborg

9-12 May 2023

Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre Group

ELFAC 2023 (https://en.elfack.com/)

Representatives of Radpol S.A. at ELFAC 2023:
Rafał Andrzejewski – Export Sales Manager i Dorian Zieliński – Product Manager

Meeting description

We met you at ELFAC 2023, thank you very much for all the conversations we had, willingness to discuss energy, electrification and digitization in the world. For us and customers of Radpol S.A. sustainable development is an important topic. Thanks to it, we can constantly develop in the field of electricity, technology and innovation. New technology creates innovations and solutions that challenge established business models and company structures. The boundaries between industries are blurring and new players are entering the market.

The ELFAC fair in Sweden is a very large event that gathered about 400 exhibitors and several or even several times more participants. During the behind-the-scenes talks, we established many business talks in the field of heat shrink. The most interesting for customers was the fact that we are a producer of heat shrink – all production takes place in Production Plant Radpol S.A. in Człuchów. We do not import components from China, but each product is made by hand, and its quality is supervised by a well-equipped Quality Control Department. And this is our advantage over the competition!

A visit to the stands of the Partners participating in ELFAC 2023 showed us many amazing technologies that are already starting to be present on the market. The most interesting at the fair was certainly the technology related to chargers for electric vehicles, the technology of building muffs using silicone and the stands with huge mechanisms of wind turbines. Each of these technical innovations made a great impression on the visitors and on ourselves. The most surprising was RoboDog, who came up to us and bowed beautifully like a living dog, not a mechanical robot!

We invite you to view the photo gallery from this event!