Renovation of the water supply system in Ruda Śląska

Renovation of the water supply system in Ruda Śląska



Completion of the project:

January 2020

Place of application:

Water supply network



Description of the Investment:

The water supply network of Górnośląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów Spółka Akcyjna is operated by 4 Network Operations Branches. The length of the water supply network is over 900 km, currently supplied from 11 water supply stations and serves practically the entire Silesian agglomeration.

The GPW company is modernising of the old and failure infrastructure by implementing planned investments. Radpol S.A. was selected from the tender. Delivered RC MULTIsafe®2L SDR17 pipes. The choice of supplier was determined by the reliability of the technology, durability and safety combined with an attractive price. Therefore, the economically justified choice is also an excellent technical choice.

The project concerned the renovation of an old water supply line in Ruda Śląska. Renovation took place using the railings method.

This method is commonly used for renovation of pipelines with PE-RC pipes. It is applied to steel and cast iron pressure pipes, which have been diagnosed with severe degradation due to corrosion, resulting in numerous failures. In this method, the PE-RC pipe is pulled into the old pipeline through a starting trench.

For the renovation of the water supply system in Ruda Śląska, Radpol supplied RC MULTIsafe®2L pipes for drinking water with full PAS 1075 certification: in diameters from DN630mm and DN800mm.