Preinsulated valves DN700/900 for ecological district heating network

Preinsulated valves DN700/900 for ecological district heating network

Project information
Preinsulated through-valves DN700/900 for ecological district heating network


Project completion

Place of application
Municipal heating and cooling network

Preinsulated through-valves DN700/900
Preinsulated through-valves DN450/630

Project description

Climate change and new technological developments in the construction of district heating infrastructures, including fossil fuel-free sources of heat and cooling, are giving investors new impetus to transform municipal heating systems into more effective and efficient ones.

One of our customers is intensively developing its heat and cold transmission infrastructure using, among others, Radpol’s pre-insulated pipe system (pipes, fittings, sockets cross-linked by radiation) and a heat and cold production source based on a municipal waste incineration plant.

As part of this project we have supplied to our partner

  • DN700 preinsulated valves for cooling system
  • Preinsulated valves DN450 for the heating system

Valves delivered by RADPOL to heating networks guarantee reliability of operation, durability and maintenance-free throughout the entire period of use. The valves are delivered to the investment in a complete state.

A special design of RADPOL valve enables transfer of high stresses. Thus it is possible to compensate tensile and compressive loads and bending moments without any risk of valve failure. Preinsulated heating valves RADPOL not only meet all necessary technical standards but also ensure the highest level of operational safety even in extreme conditions.

PUR insulation in Radpol pre-insulated shapes has excellent insulating properties, which guarantees minimum heat loss during transmission, even over very long distances. Our foam is foamed with a blowing agent – cyclopentane, which in the form of gas does not pose a threat to the earth’s atmosphere. This allows us to care for the environment in the best possible way.