Installation process of M630DPW joint on pre-insulated pipes

Installation process of M630DPW joint on pre-insulated pipes

Kościuszko Park in Katowice


Training for TAURON CIEPŁO Sp. z o.o. employees during the construction of the new DN 500/63 network

26th of July 2022

Heat Shrink joints are used to seal welded joints. They have heat-shrinkable properties, which makes them very suitable for heating in the case of pre-insulated systems.

We had the pleasure to conduct practical training in the assembly of M630DPW joints in Kościuszko Park in Katowice.

Two fitters are required for the assembly of the M630DPW coupler. Proper measurement will allow you to start placing the muff on the pre-insulated pipe with greater precision.

M630DPW joints have two holes, which makes it easier to grab and slide it over the pipe. Accuracy and precision in build-up ensures easy assembly to the shrink stage, also requires a skilled eye and confidence in your hand.

Shrunken joints conform to the pipe. Due to its properties, the joint fits perfectly to the pre-insulated pipe after appropriate shrinkage.

Below are the shots of the joint right after shrinking.

After shrinking, the joint changed its appearance, adjusting its shape to the casing pipe.

The holes which are used to grip the joint better when the joint is slipped on, are this time the holes through which the PUR foam is poured. It is an insulating material consisting of two raw materials – isocyanate and polyol. Its main task is to insulate the welded junction.

The next step is to seal the filling openings with welded-in plugs. The installation prepared in this way is ready to be buried.