Construction of a pre-insulated pipeline on a flyover for transmission of 300⁰C steam

Construction of a pre-insulated pipeline on a flyover for transmission of 300⁰C steam


Project completion

Industrial pipeline

UV PROTECT COLOR preinsulated pipes, preinsulated bends, heat shrink joints and other accessories necessary for laying a preinsulated pipeline

Description of investment

Today, the construction of overhead preinsulated transmission pipelines in industrial requires that designers and investors use non standard solutions that guarantee high functionality and durability. So far, standard solutions for the transport of utilities in overhead transmission networks based on an insulation layer covered with galvanised sheet metal or stainless steel may prove to be ineffective compared to the latest Radpol pipe solutions based on UV PROTECT COLOR technology.

Radpol’s UV PROTECT COLOR pre-insulated pipe systems open a new era in the construction of overhead pre-insulated pipelines. As part of an order for a customer from the pharmaceutical industry, Radpol delivered a complete pre-insulated pipe system to build an overhead pipeline to transport water vapour at a temperature of 300⁰C in grey – consisting of pre-insulated pipes, pre-insulated bends and heat shrink joints. All this in one technological standard UV PROTECT COLOR. The new pipeline has replaced the old one, which was built using SPIRO technology.

UV PROTECT COLOR pipes have a casing made of specially modified HDPE resistant to UV ray. They are also resistant to mechanical damage, chemical agents, ambient temperature changes and provide full tightness for at least 30 years of operation.

Radpol manufactures a complete UV PROTECT COLOR preinsulated pipe system in the full range of diameters up to DN 630 mm. UV PROTECT COLOR pipe system components in the range of jacket diameters up to DN 400 mm can also be ordered with RADPOL’s innovative EVOH based diffusion barrier (preinsulated pipes, fittings and radial crosslinked joints).

UV PROTECT COLOR preinsulated pipes system is dedicated to construction and modernisation of all kinds of overhead pipelines, which require full protection against temperature changes of the transported media.