Before the sun goes down a lot can happen. UV PROTECT COLOR pre-insulated pipe systems

Before the sun goes down a lot can happen. UV PROTECT COLOR pre-insulated pipe systems

For us, the success of your investment is the most important goal. Save money with minimal maintenance and long service life of UV PROTECT COLOR solutions.

It may sound trivial, but our aim is to make you profit from your investment faster and to reap the long-term benefits. We have a proven way of doing this. We are specialists in creating optimal pre-insulated piping systems, so you can significantly reduce the costs of future servicing of your pipeline. Our expertise makes UV PROTECT COLOR pre-insulated pipe systems a reliable and competitive solution to traditional solutions, especially with SPIRO jacketing.

Pipeline with UV PROTECT COLOR technology

SPIRO technology pipeline

The challenge you face

Nowadays, the construction of overhead pre-insulated transmission networks in industrial plants and cities requires designers and investors to use non-standard solutions that, in addition to their utility functions, can also serve as elements of modern architecture of the surroundings. Nowadays, systems with an insulation layer covered with galvanised sheet metal or stainless steel jacket are commonly used to transport media in overhead transmission networks. However, they have many imperfections. Radpol has developed a unique solution – a complete system of preinsulated pipes UV PROTECT COLOR. It is the answer to the challenges connected with using classic SPIRO pipes and their aesthetics in urban space. Radpol’s UV PROTECT COLOR technology makes it possible to produce a complete system of preinsulated pipes (fittings, armatures, sockets) resistant to UV radiation, atmospheric conditions and chemical substances with the possibility to produce all elements in any colour from the RAL colour palette.

Durability pays off

UV PROTECT COLOR pipes have a casing made of specially modified HDPE resistant to UV radiation. They are also resistant to mechanical damage, chemical agents, changes of ambient temperature and provide full tightness for at least 30 years of operation.

Radpol manufactures a complete system of preinsulated pipes UV PROTECT COLOR in a full range of diameters up to DN 630 mm. The components of UV PROTECT COLOR pipe system in the range of jacket diameters up to DN 400 mm can also be ordered with RADPOL’s innovative EVOH-based diffusion barrier (preinsulated pipes, fittings and radial crosslinked sockets).

UV PROTECT COLOR preinsulated pipes system is dedicated to construction and modernisation of all kinds of overhead pipelines, which require full protection against temperature changes of the transported media.

UV PROTECT COLOR is the perfect solution for municipal installations (heating, steam and cooling networks) and industrial plants for the transport of hydrocarbons, condensates, water, oils and other chemical media.

We reduce operating costs

The use of Radpol’s UV PROTECT COLOR technology has a significant impact on reducing the actual operating costs of pipelines in the long term. This is due to the application in preinsulated elements of a casing made of HDPE instead of classic galvanized sheet or stainless steel, which significantly extends failure-free service life. UV PROTECT COLOR preinsulated pipes whose casing is made of HDPE also have a lower heat transfer coefficient lambda.

We do not actually believe in simple success formulas, but in this case the relationship can be explained very quickly. When we offer you the UV PROTECT COLOR solution, we have one overriding objective: the durability of your overhead pipeline. The results: maintenance costs are zero and so are operating costs, while the stability of the pipeline remains virtually unchanged over time.

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