Plant in Człuchów

Electron accelerating
applied on industrial scale

The RADPOL S.A. plant in Człuchów – Poland manufactures a wide range of heat-shrinkable products for district heating and the electric power industry.

Additionally, we also produce electrical wires and cable accessories. Our expertise focuses on joints and ends that are applied at pre-insulated pipeline systems and electric low and medium voltage cables.

At RADPOL we are committed to ongoing scientific research in the field of electron accelerating which found here its practical use. RADPOL specializes in purified polyethylene processing based on own internally developed material mixtures adjusted for radiation crosslinking. All the key processes including the radiation crosslinking are performed in-house. 

Thanks to the use of the advanced technology, the goods made of polyethylene are known to develop “shape memory”.

Radpol radiation

“Cosmic” science together with chemical expertise allowed us to create an extremely durable insulation product resistant to water, solar radiation, aggressive chemical factors, temperature variations and material creeping.

Our 30 years of experience in radiation crosslinking allow us to offer high quality reliable goods that are widely used in most European countries.