RADPOL  is a leader of the Polish market within solutions for the energy, heating, water and gas distribution sectors. RADPOL builds its permanent competitive edge based on the use of innovative technologies in particular segments of operations.

Key recipients for the Group’s products are such sectors as:






Operations of RADPOL is focused in several segments between which numerous product and market synergies occur.

Thanks to their efficient use it is possible to maximise the value of offered solutions. 

RADPOL S.A. is composed of two modern plants

RADPOL in Człuchów

RURGAZ w Lublinie

RURGAZ in Lublin

Radpol  Profil

RADPOL Electro&Tech

Leader of the market of heat-shrinkable products and specialises in products from refined polyethylene which are produced based on own material blends.

Thanks to the use of a unique technology of radiation crosslinking the Company rivals successfully with foreign competitors. The Company as the only one in Poland and one of three in Europe uses two electron accelerators on an industrial scale with the capacity of 2.5 MeV and 4.5 MeV which allow for the application of most advanced solutions.

RURGAZ Pipe Production site

One of the leading producers of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes in Poland.

RURGAZ possess a highly technologically advanced engine room.


RURGAZ Preinsulated Pipes Production site

Producer of pre-insulated systems for the construction of heating networks and networks for the distribution of other media (e.g. cooling water, steam, ammonia).

The key competitive edges of the Company is experienced design team, providing comprehensive services and cooperation with key recipients on the market.

RADPOL based on a long experience in the industry provides customers with the most modern solutions on the market, and thanks to the development of a unique offer of infrastructural systems based on products of RADPOL and other plants it becomes a comprehensive supplier of advanced solutions for various sectors of the industry.